Group Overview

Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Golden Aluminum Group is China's leading brand in the whole industry chain, integrating aluminum rod production, mold development, surface treatment. Research and development, production, sales and service of high-quality profiles, doors and windows, all-aluminum furniture, all-aluminum outdoor and other product systems.

Core R&D

Three major surface treatments


Van Gogh Series

Patented Super Sensitive Wood Grain Core Technology.
Gaodeng is the maker of wood grain standard, the third generation of super-sensitive wood grain surface with true texture, solid, gentle and durability.


Porsche Series

From Austria TIGER's Top Powder Brand.
The only top-level surface treatment process for aluminum profiles created jointly with Gaodeng


Luxury Series

The paint is imported from Japan and has a delicate and silky surface.
Touch without leaving marks, even without blistering, soft without dazzling

Golden Building door and window profile system

High-end technology. Reliable quality

Golden Curtain wall profile system

With Germany's high-quality extrusion technology and equipment, with high quality and safe performance, we show you the best!

Golden Decorative profile system

International high-end brands of aluminum curtain wall, aluminum profile, aluminum light pipe, decoration, modeling and exterior wall decoration materials

Golden Home profile system

Global High-end Home Aluminum Quality Suppliers

Golden Industrial profile system

Golden YIDENG door and window system

Make windows and doors out of aluminum

Golden Door and window system

High performance door and window system